YoutH MarveL is  build  in  the  end  of  2016  by  Sarath

This YM community is to help Youngsters improve their lives, discover one’s own talents ,To realize your true potential and to live life to the fullest

YM makes you to achieve your dream by providing you with useful content to gain knowledge which is applicable to your daily life. It deviates from the formal advices and old myths It feeds you with new ideas and methods to strive for upcoming span of life

The Man behind YM is SARATH(myself) who is neither a genius nor creature with superpowers. I am a common person as you,who seeks for small appreciation,enjoyment,fun,fame and love But with a burning desire for Success

About ME

I feel proud to say I was born in Tamil Nadu , completed my schoolings in St Mary’s and Graduated from Velammal I Tech,Chennai. After my graduation I had bunch of career options But I was clear that Though i am a common person I don’t want to live a average usual common life. So I started exploring, Gaining knowledge about Self Improvement and Marvels of LIFE ,One day I came across a Quote

We make a living by what we get , we make a LIFE by what we give

-Winston Churchil

So I decided Sharing knowledge , Helping others improve their lives….my journey starts..!!

A Candle does not lose anything by Lighting another Candle

Myself , In the intent of aiding Youngsters started YM blog and started my career as a Students Motivational Speaker

Although there are more inspirational books and experienced Motivational speaker above the age of 40’s and 50’s But I stick on the fact that..

“Only the Youngster can know the feel and mindset of an Youngster”

Mainly the ultimate purpose of YoutH MarveL is to inspire as many people as possible to achieve their Dreams and to Live the Life of their Desire.The blog mainly focus on the field of

  • Self Improvement
  • Goal setting
  • Inner Motivation
  • Leadership and Passion
  • Healthy life
Why Should You Visit

YoutH MarveL is not just a blog its a Community that sets a platform for Youngsters to contribute ideas for those who need and recieve from those who give. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading content in this blog that Motivate , Inspire , Entertain , Make fun ,Create smiles and Shares knowledge

So, you friends bookmark this blog YoutH MarveL and share to your friends colleagues and for whom you care about .Of course I’d love getting your feedback on this blog

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