How to rise from low salary jobs…!

Are you satisfied with your job?Do you think you are getting low salary compared to your work and education? Does it make you feel worried? Yes,but you are not the only one.

Most people face this crisis all over the world,either unemployed or working for a low wage.Numerous studies show that this problem is associated with increased risk of having depression and anxiety.

Though following the passion and doing the work that u love is the best choice,most opt for the better option that is ‘love what you do’.They consider it as modern world’s wise decision.But truly its not

Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams

Do you think you chosen your job? Have you ever noticed why engineers and arts students ,irrespective of their fields they work for MNC and in IT jobs.They are forced to do that.Due to the flaws in standard of education and misleading of society we are accustomed to it.Anyhow we have to do something for the our living

To the point,Dealing with low salary problems seems to be an dilemma.Its tough to quit the job at the same time need better opportunity to earn.

Here after a long search of solution we sum up with 3 better ways to deal..

From an Unemployed graduates view

A bad job is better than no job

and it is often the first step to something better

1.Improve Your skills

The only way to increase your package is to continuously improve your skill set,may it be your current job skills or of the things you are passionate about.Continuously learn from your job,strive hard every single day to make yourself better.Remember

You stop growing,when you stop learning

2.Have a Goal

Goal is not that come by chance it must be of your choice.It can be anything of your interest.Daily spare some time,always be conscious about it and keep on adding your contribution to it.

Nowadays most of them are running a business which is inter-related with their full time jobs.While still working your full time job,you have a safety net,if your business goes wrong you still have your job.

3.Never Quit

People don’t lack talent,they lack patience

One of the common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary failures.It is difficult and hard to do a work without getting the output,but think if success can be done in overnight then everyone will be one.

True Success takes time and it demands hard-work and patience from you.If i could say one thing to the young people of today,it would be this

Never Quit..!!

Keep trying,pushing and struggling but never ever give up

Things may come to those who wait,but only the thing left by those who hustle

-Abraham Lincoln

So keep on hustling,your success may not come immediately but it will arrive definitely.

Share this knowledge to everyone lets make good fortune to someone..

what will you deal with low salary problems? Leave a comment below.

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