How to manage your most precious thing..?

Precious thing – Once the word is heard our minds drift through the materialistic things that makes money.But only the wisest know that Time is the most precious thing in life

Time once passed cannot be brought back by any means.It is important to understand the value of time we spend.Time is priceless and most significant of all.There goes a proverb

No man is rich enough to buy his past

Time once gone is gone and yet we can’t say that we don’t have enough time.We have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Warren Buffett,Mohammad Ali,Michael Jordon.They manage their time wisely

Time Management always remains the critical success factor and its a habit that lays foundation for your victory

Here we complied the list of 6 points that hopefully escort you in the right direction

1.Set Clear Goals

A Man without a Goal is like a ship without a rudder

-Thomas Cartyle

The important thing to manage your time effectively is to set goals on what you want in life and be conscious about it regularly.So that you will be constantly motivated by the purpose of your life in addition you will have a good handle on your time management

2.Get Started Early

The Secret of getting ahead is getting started

Most of us are affected by the impulse of procrastination,which is the biggest obstacle to our goals.What ever task it may be you should not postpone it which you can do now.

I hope everyone heard of the proverb “Live Life as if it is your last” To My sense these words best deals with procrastination.

3.Make a Plan

If you fail to plan you plan to fail

Ten minutes of planning about what to do will save 2 hours of time on working without planning.Getting started is work half-done while having planned is almost done

A plan gives you an overview of how the day will pan out,so stick to a plan as best as you can

4.Make Priorities and dead lines for the task

It is the most important thing of time management.Everyday,sort out  four or five most vital task to complete and do it first.when you are done you will be satisfied with the day,then spare your precious time to other things

Fix dead lines,Each task must have its own time limits.It makes you aware of your time spent.The time constraint will drive you to be more efficient and productive.

5.Focus on the Task in hand

Not everyone is good at multi-tasking,even they do they lack the quality attained by doing one at a be clear,wipe out all distractions,focus solely on what you are doing.You’ll be more efficient that way.Learn to say no to the distractions so you can focus on the task in hand

The art of leadership is saying NO,not yes;It is easy to say yes

6.Sleep well

Most people think that they could get much more done in a day by sleeping less,The majority of people simply cannot function optimally on limited sleep

Sleep is the one-third of our lives that affects the other two thirds

-Dr Safwan Bade

According to National Sleep Foundation Research,Seven hours sleep is the minimum need for an adult.So sleep well,Live well.

I hope this stuff might be helpful at some point of your life.Though it seems realistic to think that work and productivity is the most important but without enjoyment life can be endure,an it can’t even be pleasant.To Lead a fruitful life,one needs to learn how to build enjoyment into what happens day in and day out.

Share this knowledge to everyone lets make good fortune to someone..

what will you to manage your time effectively? Leave a comment below..

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