How to win,handling pressure situation..?

Handling pressure situation is an art which is a most acquired quality for an effective leader.In common nobody performs well under pressure situation.Many think that the pressure situation makes them to do many things and be productive,but to be clear the product and service you provide will not be at its best..

After a quite research we present you the best 7 practices and practical strategies about handling pressure situation..

1.Slow down, Take a Break

when you are under high pressure situation its common for a human being to speed up their thinking by doing that you may not understand  the situation clearly and act before you’re’ll immediately rush up miss important points and so you may ruin your opportunity

so slow down take a break,the best way to do is to meditate.

2.Examine the situation

Pressure situation brings emotional feelings which blurs problem solving,decision making and arrest your ability to solve problems.Wash out the emotions and take control over the problem,examine the situation.When you are clear about the issue and decided what to do your work is half done.

3.Think pressure moments as challenge

Most people crumble in pressure situation due to fear.To be frank there is nothing to fear,this situation is not your last opportunity,it does not sentence you to death.

Instead of seeing it as a threat see as a challenge,it turns on your physical and mental ability,energy flows to make your best out of you.

4.Focus on task not the outcome

Nobody can change or control the can only control your actions at present,so focus on the factors which can be controlled .Leave out the uncontrolled factors.By doing this you can ultimately make the outcome as you want.

5.Be Positive

Remember you past pressure situation you came across and say yourself ‘I have already ruled the worse’ now i can do it with ease.The thoughts of your successful results could energize you and distract yourself from an anxiety

6.Don’t Overthink

The fear of failure,emotions and the effect about making a bad decision can make you to overthink the situation.Overthinking and worrying about the thing that never happen until now will destroy your ability to perform at your best.

7.Share Your Pressure

A Problem shared,really is a problem halved

Researchers have proved that the best way to beat stress is to share your feelings and sharing with someone in the same situation yields the best results

These proven strategies will help you at pressure situations throughout your life.share this knowledge to everyone lets make good fortune to someone..

what will you do while handling pressure situations? Leave a comment below..

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