Save Farmers To save Human race..!!

Since 2.5 million years, after the evolution of Human races ,this world has encountered a lot of transformations,inventions,discoveries..developments in almost all fields but still food tops the priority of the human needs, i guess it lasts forever.But does the persons who make food has the same priority in the society?…definitely not.

This post is mainly to create awareness on Agriculture and to portray the deadly situation faced by  Indian Farmers.

“Discover India in its villages”

–Mahatma Gandhi

 Our vast country is spread in small villages and when we say of an Indian village, a picture of a simple Indian farmer comes infront of our eyes .


A farmer in india is a basic unit of Indian economy. A man strong in built, wearing dhoti and kurta and a big turban on his head can easily be marked as an Indian farmer.

India is the only country which has the capacity of producing three crops in three different seasons in a year but still suicide cases are very common in farmers due to many reasons…

More than 72% of farmers who commit suicide have less than two hectares of land, latest data on farmer suicides compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show.

I think … This is the perfect time to have an eye on small farmers in India since the surge in farmer suicides in Tamilnadu is drawing attention.


As much as 67 percent of India’s farmland is held by the marginal farmers with holdings below one hectare, against less than 1 percent in large holdings of 10 hectares and above.

For  a  farmer, on the brink of suicide, the major worries are fending for his children in the wake of a disaster and managing to pay off the loans. For those who are a little better off, it is a question of recovering investments and trying to avoid the debt trap that has claimed so many members of their fraternity.

In terms of production, small and marginal farmers also make larger contribution to the production of high value crops. They contribute around 70% to the total production of vegetables, 55% to fruits, 52% in cereal production and 69% in milk production. Thus, small farmers contribute to both diversification and food security.

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  • The indebtedness for the small & marginal farmers from formal institutional sources is lower than large farmers.Thus it increase the dependence on informal sources which leads to debt traps.
  • Increasing globalization ,the policies of huge subsidies and protection policies by developed countries have negative effects on small holding farmers in developing countries.
  • Water is the leading input in agriculture. Agriculture has to compete for water with urbanization, drinking water and industrialization. Ground water is depleting in many areas of India. Marginal and small farmers will face more problems regarding water in future.
  • Climate change is a major challenge for agriculture, food security and rural livelihoods for millions of people including the poor in India. Adverse impact will be more on small holding farmers.

Even after facing all these problems they still manage to feed almost everyone in this world.But now they are forced to face an extreme dilemma.At this moment if we are not supporting our farmers,then the day comes, when you wake up there will be no more farmers to feed u,at which the extinction of Human race starts

Ms Indirapriyadarshini


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