Best 10 books to read to become Entrepreneurs

Top 10 books Every future Entrepreneur must Read…

1.Zero to One

Author : Peter Thiel

Publication Date : 2014

2.Lean Startup

Author : Eric Ries

Publication date : 2011


Author : Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Publication Date: 2010

4.The 100$ startup

Author : Chris Guillebeau

Published Date: 2010

5.How to win friends and Influence people

Author : Dale Carnegie

Publication Date : 1936

6.The 4 Hour Work week

Author : Timothy Ferriss

Publication Date : 2007

7.The Hard thing About Hard Thing

Author : Ben Horowitz

Published date: 2014

8.Elon Musk

Author : Ashlee Vance

Publication date: 2015

9.Good to Great

Author : Jim Collins

Published Date : 2001

10.The Innovator’s Dilemma

Author : Clayton M,Christensen

Publication Date : 1997

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