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“Real courage is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. Doing the unpopular thing because it’s what you believe, and the heck with everybody.”
Justin Cronin

As the time goes many leaders come and go by the way but only few makes lasting impact on lives and inspire people to follow them.This piece of text will portray the top 5 leaders who shaped Tamilnadu by their thoughts,spirit and culture in twentieth century.They made a remarkable changes in Tamilnadu with their political revolutions


Image courtesy: wikipedia
Image courtesy: wikipedia

Bharathi – Poineer of Modern Tamil poetry.His name itself in tamil describes about Anti-castism,Anti-superstitions,Patriotism and Women’s Rights.He is called as the “Father Of Prose” in Tamil,His fire spiriting words still conveys the Ethics and moral principles to the youths effortlessly

Though he is born in an orthodox Brahmin family he fought in an uncompromising way against the anti-social activities of higher-caste people for making a casteless society and to make equality among all.Also he made people to revolt and fought for their freedom and he is the first man who encouraged woman’s participation in politics.He sowed Patriotism in people through his poems.His words..

Thani oru Manithanuku unavillai yendral jegathinai alithiduvom

Translated to English:We will destroy the world even if a single person don’t have food


Periyar – Voltaire of south India, he is crowned as “Father of Social Reform Movement”. He is a great human of twentieth century who wanted to put end to all kinds of injustice discrimination.He conveyed his views on the principles of Rationalism,self-respect,woman’s rights and stood for the eradication of caste.His words…

People use RELIGION and CASTE only as a mask to deceive innocent people lives

and to warn people against superstitious beliefs and Anti-human practices he stated that..

Outcome of the natural instinct of human being is to examine every object, every action and even nature with a spirit of inquiry and to refuse to submit to anything irrational as equivalent to slavery


Image courtesy:name-list.net
Image courtesy:name-list.net

Jeevanandam -Political Leader,Social reformer,Cultural theoreticianJournalist,Creative writer,critic and Orator.The political writers describe him as a “Pioneer of communist and social movement in the state”.The major two social movements participated by Jeevanandam broke the rule of right-winged parties

This great man had led an example for simplicity and taught how a leader should behave when he(or) she entered politics.His speech on the official language bill echoed the feelings of a ordinary man and revealed his vision on cultural front. He had a clean record in public life and was held in high esteem by all sections of society,Simply lived as a Role model for all politicians.

4.Rettamalai Srinivasan

Image Courtesy:Routes
Image Courtesy:Routes

Rettaimalai Srinivasan – Dalit icon,He was the 1st depressed class western educated graduate.His literary works shows his views and thoughts. Srinivasan and Dr Ambedkar worked as nail and flesh,they both represented on behalf of the depressed class at the second Round-conference in London,They raised their voice and fought for their political rights

The political writers describe him as a ..

A Brilliant of tongue and Master of pen,Saviors of Downtrodden even before the birth of Ambedkar

He lived as a Dalit Activist,Politician and freedom fighter for India.The famous words of dalit icon Srinivasan..

We are sons of this soil and our history starts from the good old-ancient past,but our civil rights are denied by the invaders.Rights are not given by ahimsa but they must be got by struggle and fight,we ought to fight for our rights and not expended to be granted by grace.


Image courtesy:Mayyam.com
Image courtesy:Mayyam.com

C.N Annadurai a Tamil author,actor,play writer,poet,statesman,politician social worker and Orator.He is the man who removed the power of right-winged parties from the state and became the Chief minister of Tamilnadu in 1967.He stated Periyar as his forerunner

He is still remembered for his qualities,simplicity,concern for poor and willingness for reconciliation.He has listed among the Top 100 people who shaped India by thought,action,art,culture and spirit by Famous Magazine ‘India Today’.For his Good deed his funeral was attended by a recorded 15 million people,the highest till date as recorded in the Guinness Book of records.

I hope the thoughts and views of these people inspire youngsters to step into politics and social works



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