Why being an Entrepreneur is cool ?

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If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs

-Tony Gaskins

Everybody in this world has their own big dream but only some work towards  it.Anyhow at some point of time most of them are made as victims,ending their entire carrer only being an employee

Employees act like robots that is they just do what they are told.Moreover robots population keeps on increasing which will perform as well as human at most manual jobs which stands as root cause for the unemployment .The one factor that robots don’t have is the human factor which sets  Entrepreneurs apart.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t,so that you can spend the rest of your like most people can’t

Entrepreneur is not a job title ,Its the state of mind of people who want to alter the future.I don’t believe that everyone should start a business,But i do believe everyone should become an entrepreneur.

Let us see how does it favour your life by being an entrepreneur

  • Everything you do is Ours

Nobody can claim share or profit for our work.The wealth you earned through your business is only yours

  • Robots cannot do your work

No wonder robots are catching on.It keeps on replacing humans work.They will serve you,365 days a year,24 hours a day without break and even no personal circumstances How good are they?

By the near future it is estimated that robots replace human at most jobs it means most of us should think to reconsider if their job will still exist,But being entrepreneur will.Entrepreneur understand humans and solve their problem which a robot cannot.

  • You are specialist at what you do.Nobody can do your work cheaper and efficient than you

In many fields,there are people who are willing and able to work for less being no less of a specialist.May be there is probably another country where your type of labour is cheaper,But it does not apply for entrepreneurship

You could find cheap labour but not Entrepreneurs
  • You are more recognized as a Creative

Though you may be creative but if you are an employee under  a firm Recognition does not reach accordingly.Entrepreneurial creative person would probably try to sell his creativity outside his main job,so that he would be more recognized as a creative

  • Only you design your life

Results obtained are only due to the decision you made. Nobody can hire or fire you. When you live a lifestyle that is bound to 9 to 6, you are at the mercy of your boss and the company you work for. They decide how you should spend your 9 hrs every day. There is loss of freedom and flexibility. But entrepreneurship gives you the ability to balance your time and flexibility so that your work fits into your life.

  • Possibilities and Earnings are endless

At the job, your earning potential is set by the job or a contract or union negotiated you get raised and promotion only if the authority decided. Your earning potential is covered no matter how long you stay at the job.

But in entrepreneurship if you want to earn money work harder, it happens. They are self-motivated to build profitable business

  • Lucky to leave a lasting legacy

Everyone begins life as babies but what we left at end matters. When you build your dream business, it can carry out to your family for generations. You can leave your children something you are proud of, so make a leap. Come out of your comfort zone.

     ” Dreaming does not change life but actions could”

The world is becoming better, the only thing is you also have to change with it and the best way is to become an entrepreneur.

       Be a lion in the wild than at the zoo. You could rather be running for your food and risk not eating than having slabs of meat thrown at you while you sit in a 12 by 12 concrete pit.

                                                                                      – S.Sarath kumar 🙂




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