Why JALLIKATTU protest? If not what happens?

The word ‘JALLIKATTU’  which is trending all over world just because of the peaceful protest happening in Tamilnadu leaded by youngsters of the state.The main purpose of the protest is to Amend PCA(Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act)

Jallikattu also known as ERUTHAZHUVUTHAL (bull hugging) .It is a traditional bull taming sport organised in Tamilnadu during Pongal festival.This practice is followed by our ancestors from as far as 2000 years ago to choose the best bulls for mating/reproductive purpose.Breeders often claim that they treat the bulls like their own children

This sport had always been a best way to honour bull owners.Its not a game of royals its just a game of common man who spends his entire life to make this land fertile to cultivate foods we proudly call them as ‘FARMERS’

Everything went right until the PETA(People for ethical treatment of animals) enters which raised a notification in 2011 against jallikattu in the gazette of india that made using bulls as performing animals illegal.It applies to jallikattu,bull races,bull fights and other use of bulls for performance.In Its 2014 judgement the supreme court confirmed this ban on the use of bulls for performance.This jallikattu ban stands as a great chance for the corporate,foreign organizations to enter upon and cultivate a deadly business.

Now the total youngsters of the tamilnadu united to save our tradition and culture of brave tamizhans guided by Karthikeya Siva Senapathywho create awareness about jallikattu with the help of Hip hop Tamizha

This post is to provide knowledge,create awareness and eliminate ignorance about jallikattu.

Why Jallikattu..?

  • Jallikattu is not just a sport or entertainment It is our culture and tradition followed by our ancestors
  • Jallikattu is a practice to choose the best bulls for breeding
  • Jallikattu is what’s keeping our native breed of cows from going extinct

There are two types of beta-casein protein which are the dominant casein protein in cow’s milk: A1 and A2

Breeds in Europe,US and Australia: A1 milk(unhealthy)

Breeds in Asia and Africa: A2 milk(healthy)

  • Now,Only our Native breed have a gene for producing A2 milk

There were 130 cattle breed in India 100 years ago and now there are only 37,Tamilnadu has 6 cattle breed earlier and now we have lost the Alambadi breed.The remaining breed are Kangayam,Pulikulam,Umbalachery,Barugur and Malaimaadu.

  • Jallikattu secrete necessary male harmone and produce adrenalin rush and pumping hearts which makes them virile and best suited for reproduction

If not what happens?

  • If there is no jallikattu the male bulls were send to slaughter houses
  • If the sport is banned, farmers will be forced to abandon the raising of native breed, which is already threatened due to the use of motor pumps, tractors and mechanised agriculture.
  • The removal of native bulls from villages will make farmers depend more on artificial insemination.
  • The hybrid breed of cattle like jersey,swiss brown,gir,sindhi…which produce A1 milk protein could be the cause for various chronic disease like type1 diabetes and so on
  • When we interbreed with hybrid bulls or cows the new offspring will also have this trait
  • If the native breed become extinct we will then have to interbreed and rely heavily on artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is an expensive process and we rely on semen imported from countries like US,Australia,Denmark and New Zealand.Now this brings into picture an MNC,A2 milk company that holds patents for artificial insemination of A2 gene bull’s semen.

  • If all native breed in India were destroyed then we may have to do with A1 milk or we may to pay high for using A2 patened technique

so why we have to make ourselves slave to some other MNC company holding a patent when our breeds are perfectly capable of producing A2 milk.

Thus we the youngsters of the nation should support our farmers and protest peacefully against ‘JALLIKATTU BAN

Jallikattu is one such precious heritage that has been preserved over millennia and our duty is to take this forward. Jallikattu should go on.

Jallikattu is our tradition

Jallikattu shows our lifestyle

Jallikattu is our pride….!!

#save jallikattu

-S Sarathkumar  and   Rathnavel..:)


  1. It true one. We loosed more breed not 137 its 147 in india. In tamilnadu kaarimaadu is also in exited stage. I say hear is more scams held in our government. It’s not only for tamilnadu, hole India and hole Indian people should rise their hand to support JALLIKATTU and NATIVE BREED INSEMINATION FOR COWS

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