Why not THINK BIG ?

As  a common person ,we have come across bountiful of advice in all aspects of life.’Think big’ is one of the well-known among the bunch.Though it seems frequent to hear but it does not reach in complete form.

Sometimes we feel amazed about big thinkers but we don’t necessarily think big.We have been conditioned to think small,we have been taught with a myth that we should be happy and thankful  with what we have.Most of them call Thinking big as greedy…

  If so achieving great success by thinking big looks greedy,No problem you can be one among achievers rather thinking small and be a man of no value.

Does thinking big makes sense..!!

Even the world’s biggest achievement starts with a single big thought

To get big you  have to think big.It is the one which separate  the most successful person from the rest.This art of thinking big sowed once grows into a habit of thinking big which changes a person psychology which ultimately drives himself towards success.

Reflection of what you think

These words rely on the Law of attraction which states ‘A thought which does not rise in your mind will  not  happen in your life’.

Anyway you have to think,so why not think big..?

Barriers of Thinking big:

Most of us believe that this thought of thinking big is impossible and unimaginable.I accept,Thinking big is not so easy but its not impossible.Its not something that we develop over night its a habit that naturally grow and develop over time.

Though we follow ‘Thinking big’ it does not become a reality for any of us until we continue to indulge in some of the following habits which makes us to think small

  • Procrastination
  • Short term thinking
  • Making excuses
  • Negative thinking
  • Fear of failure
  • Listening to others criticism
  • Over analyzing
  • Being impatient

Break these old habits and upgrade yourself with the habit of thinking big.


Thinking big requires time dedication and discipline that forces you to stretch your limits, open your minds to new possibilities and pulls you to attain your full potential.Successful people believe that thinking big  is the only step that leads to big change.They take big calculated risks and make bold decisions…

Imagine after few decades when you are sitting on your rocking chair with a smile on your face having no regret. May your life might not have gone exactly the way you imagined but you smile because you thought big ,took chances enjoyed the journey and That’s what life is really all about,Making mistakes,taking chances and thinking big

If you simply can’t find the time to think big then you will always live small


Assists to be cautious to Think big

  • Have a big goal
  • Always challenge yourself
  • Question yourself that makes ideas into work
  • Focus on your strength and ability
  • Focus on what you want to do rather what you can’t
  • Prioritize your needs
  • Prepare to keep on dreams until it becomes reality

The mind  once stretched by a big thought cannot attain its own dimension


-S Sarath kumar 🙂

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