Youngsters , QUESTION ? yourself & know your life status!!

Quality QUESTIONS create a quality Life , Successful people ask better questions and as a result , they god better ANSWERS

The kind of question you ask decide the kind of life you Lead , Because your questions provoke its own set of answers and ideas which lead you to do certain actions.

Your question should not Demotivate you, For example

  • What if i had done this earlier ?
  • Why these bad stuffs happening to me ?
  • Why luck does not favour me ?

Such questions are naturally discouraging. Instead your questions should provoke, trigger and must drive you

The art and science of asking question is the source of all knowledge

At this moment we are now at the edge of 2016.This year(2016) may or may not be a Boom but its past. By god’s grace all of us are nearing towards 2017 with a thought about what this New year will bring  “Will it be more of the same? or Will it be Life changing? Anyhow we face it with hope to push ourselves forward into the Life we want…

Life changes when a question arise inside you which shapes your thought and actions to achieve your desires . Here are some QUESTIONS to ask yourself to know your Life’s Status and the answers would make you to chisel your own sculpture…

What is I am Passionate about ?

Passion is the strong emotion inside you for something or someone.Anyone who has ever succeeded would probably state their Passion for work as a reason for their Success.Some equate passion with work and hobby but its really not, for an instance Passion is the one which you can do it all your life for free provided 3 meals a day 😉

What is my biggest Goal/Desire ?

A goal properly set is halfway reached.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Everybody should Set a goal,It can be anything ,Goal setting is a powerful process of thinking about your  future, and motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.If your goal is relate or linked with your passion it seems simple and easy to achieve.

Am i heading towards my Goal/Desire ?

most of them does’t because they are trapped by Dogma(Living life of others choices) and some does not take risk they play it safe and settle with what they are grant with.

What is my Strength and Weakness?

Its easy to spot and locate others Strength and Weakness but finding ours is crucial. Strength is something that comes very easily for you and moreover Weakness is not something you ack its something you need to develop and build.

Am I using my Full Potential ?

The common pitfall is Fear of Failure ,Most of us let their fear to stop them from trying.A famous quote of Michael jordon proves that failures are stepping stones for success

i have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed

-Michael jordon

What stops me from Success? How can I overcome them?

The most easy thing that can happen is Distraction. As we are youths we find plenty of distractions around and some unproductive activities that blocks us, Thats the challenge for us to overcome.

Am I learning and growing?

If you learn new thing everyday you will overcome 99% of competition in the world

You might be in really tough position or strugging in some way but if you answer this question with YES, then trust that and stick with it,you’re doing something right. Learn as much as you can when you are in 20’s because its harder to learn new things when you’re older

Am I taking care of myself ?

As a youth we will be very Casual, as if nothing bad can probably happen to us but the decisions you make now sets up your future . Cultivating good habits in 20’s is not so difficult than in 30’s (so do it now), Your body  and brain are not Invincible. Sleep,eat healthy,be happy and take care of your body.

Who are the 5 persons I like most? Am I spending time for them?

Taking the time to connect with those you love bring you true Happiness,the more you do it ,the happier you’ll be.Sometimes we don’t value their presence,a true fact is that

the true value of a person can be felt only during their absence

What is my contribution to the world?

Everything we use in daily life is the contribution of somebody

We make a living by what we get , we make a life by what we give

-Winston churchill

So contribute something to the world and those in need which raise your true Value

Answers makes changes,Be true to yourself and you will have done more in your youth age than most people do it in their whole lives.

new year has brought a chance for you to set things right

My best wishes


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